Healthy and safe

Poultry Farms Lewandowski specializes in production of consumer eggs. The level of productions reaches 100 000 units per day. The production farms are very modern facilities, equipped with cages that meet the requirements of the European Union. Moreover, farms are equipped with the computer controlling the microclimate and devices with optimized systems of:

  • feeding
  • watering
  • indoor environmental control
  • humidity and temperature control
  • monitoring crucial parameters affecting the breeding hens and eggs production

Poultry farms were granted Integrated Permit issued by the Governor of Mazovia and the number of animals’ state 14371388. Current rearing of laying hens is based on the battery system and bedding.

Qualitu on first place

The feed used for the production of eggs consists exclusively of safe raw materials. At the end of 2015, we built our own feed mills with a capacity 5t / h. We are sure that we always deliver feed composed of high-quality fresh ingredients. The hall are equipped with the modern quality automation systems SKIOLT.

Poultry farms are under strict veterinary control, which means that eggs from our farm are healthy and safe.

The vision of our company is to serve our customers as a business partner, ensuring high quality of our products in terms of health and safety.