Poultry Farms Lewandowski is a producer of fresh eggs, and has its own packing eggs. This solution allows to protect contractors in terms of quantity and diversity of products.

Our offer consists of the sale and supply of chicken eggs in a variety of weights, packaging and quality classes, which can be delivered to the central warehouses in the diffrent regions.

We have a wide range chicken eggs:

  • battery caged (marked as 3PL)
  • barn eggs (marked as 2PL)

Our products are being packed in packages of 6 and 10 slots (180 pcs eggs in a carton).



In order to provide our customers and consumers satisfaction from the purchase of the products distributed by us, we decided to sell fresh eggs of high quality and different weight unit. We sell eggs in weight classes:

  • S- 43g-52g
  • M – 53-62g
  • L – 63-73g
  • XL - 73≥g

Eggs are laid on euro pallets 9000 pcs packed inserts with 30pcs. We have our own farms, what secures the continuity of production of the highest quality. We transport eggs using our own transport meeting the veterinary-sanitary requirements for food and agriculture.

In order to ensure the highest level of service, we offer order processing in the model of 1/ per week.
Orders are being realized in the method 72h/warehouse.
Minimal order – 10 pallets (300 cartons) in the range – 1 warehouse.